Treat yourself to a brunch filled with indulgent dish of chicken and waffles. Let me be honest, this dish is a true splurge and my guilty pleasure, and I do not eat breakfast like that everyday. Plus it is labor and effort intensive, but a labor of love. You make the fried chicken, then you make scrumptious waffles and then the best part you eat them.

This recipe is slightly modified and simplified. I am taking a shortcut and instead of spending hours at the pot, filled with hot oil, deep frying legs, thighs and whole breasts I use thin cut, pounded and marinated chicken breast strips.

There is no sacrifices in taste at all, fried chicken strips are golden brown, crunchy on the outside and moist and melt in your mouth tender on the inside, fried to crispy perfection. And I even find them much easiest to eat together with waffles, The best part is that they only take a fraction of work to make.

Chicken strips are marinated in a spicy buttermilk mixture overnight for the best flavor and tenderness. They are then dredged in flour/cornmeal mix and fried.

Waffles are on a savory side made from buttermilk and cornmeal as well, the flavors are amped up with melty cheddar cheese and fragrant green onions and chives.

The combination of the stellar homemade waffles and fried chicken is unbeatable especially when served with a hearty generous portion of maple syrup. Follow the detailed steps below for this breakfast treat of chicken and waffles.