I love pasta salads because pasta provides an excellent solid base. Its neutral flavor gives salads a lot of body and underlines the flavor of other ingredients you toss in. That’s why in my opinion, pasta salads are the best dishes to bring to parties, potlucks, school events and for other occasions as well.

This dill pickle pasta salad combines pickles, fresh dill, cheddar cheese and an awesome homemade relish dressing into a flavor that will burst on your tongue. Wherever I brought this salad to, it was always one of the first dishes on the table to disappear.

I usually use shell pasta for this recipe, but any small kinds of pasta will do, such as bow ties, fusilli, macaroni or penne. Just make sure that you boil them al dente as per instructions on the back of the pasta box. The pasta will absorb some of the moisture from the dressing, so if you overcook it, it will become mushy.

If you wish, you can substitute half of the mayo for light sour cream for a softer creamy touch and to lighten up the calorie load. I also like shredding the cheddar instead of cutting it into small cubes for a softer texture and to bring out the crunch in the pickles more. 

This salad is better if you let it sit for a few hours, so it might be a good idea to cook it on the night before the event. I hope you enjoy this recipe!