This beautiful angel hair pasta, cooked with sugar snap peas is a beautiful dish that will remind you of early spring, bright mornings at home and all things good.

Cooked to perfection with parmesan cheese, garlic, herbs and snap peas that lightly crisp, this pasta maked for an excellent side dish or a simple, hearty vegetarian stand alone meal.

The flavors are classic and you can’t go wrong with a combination of garlic, peppers, olive oil and a bit of bright veggies. There are a few tips to follow, and if you do, this recipe is absolutely fail proof. First, make sure you boil your pasta al dente as per instructions on the back of the box. Angel hair pasta cooks really quickly, so it’s best if you watch over it constantly. 

Second, since there are few ingredients that provide flavor to the dish, it’s best to use good quality extra virgin olive oil. It has a distinct flavor that will really boost up the taste. Make sure that you only barely cook your sugar snap peas so that they aren’t mushy.

You can also add a little heavy cream to make the sauce more creamy. Just make sure you add it at the very last and don’t let it boil or it can curdle or divide. 

Other than that, just follow the simple instructions below and I hope you enjoy this recipe!