This baked pasta is beyond decadent. This casserole has so much cheese, you can absolutely drown in it and you’ll never feel sorry about it, because it’s so delicious.

Baked with marinara sauce, gooey mozzarella, pungent parmesan and creamy ricotta, this pasta is the epitome of comfort food. Creamy inside, golden and crispy outside.

It’s very easy and fail proof, especially if you observe several simple rules. Rule one, boil the pasta 3-4 minutes less than specified for al dente on your pasta box. This way, you won’t get a mushy mess of a casserole when you bake it. 

Rule number 2, experiment. This recipe calls for only basic things. You cna use canned marinara and just cheese. But there are quite a few other ingredients that will look great in this casserole. Small broccoli florets, bacon bits, Italian sausage, ground beef or turkey, sauteed mushrooms, corn kernels. 

You can try various combos and find your own favorite one. 

This dish is great for various cookouts, potlucks and school event, because it’s so simple, and let’s be honest, few people don’t like some kind of pasta drowned in loads of cheese.

You can use almost any kind of smallish pasta for this dish, such as penne, rigatoni bow ties or shells.  Just follow the simple steps below to cook it. I hope you have fun!