If you are a big fan of quick and easy stir fries like me you are gonna  love this empress chicken recipe. This is a favorite Chinese American dish, popular at  take out restaurants,  and recreated at home in your own kitchen.

I am addicted to enjoying what Chinese take out  food has to offer,  without having to leave the house.  Homemade stir fries are healthy and delicious. You can really control the ingredients and the amounts of sugar, oil and soy sauce.

This empress chicken dish is a delicious combination of pan fried succulent pieces of chicken coated with flavorful sweet, sour and savory sauce. The original recipe usually is deep fried chicken, where in this recipe it is pan fried with a little bit of oil. The taste is absolutely there without all the calories and grease, and the mess form the oil splattering everywhere.

The sauce is a timeless combination of sweet, sour and salty that is quintessential to asian cooking. Made with soy sauce, white vinegar, sugar, infused with freshly grated ginger  and thickened with cornstarch the sauce is simple but tastes amazing, especially combined with crispy chicken pieces.

Compared to the other stir fries, empress chicken doesn’t have any vegetables in the recipe except for onions. You can add some but I think this dish is great as is and you can always serve a side of steamed veggies to go along. Follow the steps below to make empress chicken.