Farfalle is Italian for bow tie and it’s exactly what this pasta looks like, a load of little bows. It’s perfect for pasta salads and dishes that involve many ingredients, finely cut, like this farfalle pasta recipe.

Made with baked asparagus and peppers and a sour cream and cheese dressing, this pasta is light, delicious and is a quick to make and is a perfect light food fix, a lunch or even a dinner.

I really like baking the peppers and asparagus for this dish because when baked, they have this unmistakable tender texture, and you can have them cooked without oil like you would with frying. Thus, you will also avoid adding unnecessary calories from the fat in oil.

What adds the flavor to this dish is the combination of herbs and lemon juice, and I also like to sprinkle this with pistachio nuts. It adds a delicious twist and also a fresh, springtime look. 

Like always with pasta served with a sauce, I recommend following the boiling instructions on the pasta box very precisely and cook your pasta al dente so that it doesn’t become too soft and mushy when you add the sauce.
Other than that, just follow the instructions below for a quick meal cooked under 30 minutes. Enjoy!