This lovely dish has a taste and look that are so fresh, it reminds me of spring whenever I cook it.

The gemelli spiral pasta, cooked with vibrant green snow peas, cocktail tomatoes and fried shrimps, dressed with a lemony sauce, is absolutely delicious. It’s light, it’s packing all the good nutrients you need, with pure protein from the shrimps and plenty of vegetables, this dish is as healthy as they come.

I really love using tomatoes fresh in this pasta, without having them cooked. They only get slightly warmed up from all the cooked ingredients. It also allows me to avoid the situation where they release too much moisture and spoil the sauce texture.

Another tip is not to overcook snow peas. They will be ready in no time, so make sure you’re always there when you cook them. For the pasta, you can use any kind of smallish pasta, such as penne or rigatoni or farfalle. Just make sure you cook it al dente so it doesn’t become too mushy.

Serve this pasta with a bit of freshly grated parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. The result is absolutely mouth-watering, so much so, that even kids inhale it. 

Just follow the easy steps below to cook this incredible pasta quick and easy. I hope you like it!