This is a great recipe of fried chicken for people with gluten allergies. Chicken is dredges in a delicious breading made with arrowroot, eggs and almond flour and deep fried to perfection. Almond flour is infused with aromatic spices to enliven the flavors of the chicken.

The classic triple coating the chicken ensures that it sticks nicely to the meat and creates an irresistibly crunchy exterior. The chicken stays tender and moist on the inside as well.

You can also amp up the flavors of the chicken and turn it into Nashville hot chicken by brushing it with fragrant oil infused with aromatic spices.

For the recipe you can cut up the whole chicken or use a mix of bone in chicken pieces. You can also air fry or bake this gluten free breaded chicken if you are not a fan of deep frying and extra calories. All of the cooking methods will work with this recipe.

This chicken is always a huge hit and there is absolutely no sacrifices in flavor, taste or the texture due to the gluten free coating. You will never even know the difference unless somebody tells you.

Chicken is perfectly crispy and juicy just like fried chicken should be. The recipe is pretty straightforward and foolproof. Follow the instructions below to make GF fried chicken.