Just like the name implies, brick chicken is a whole chicken that is cooked on a grill or roasted in an oven weighted down by a heated brick (or smith else that heavy). Chicken is seared rapidly from above while it also cooks from below.

This amazing cooking method delivers a faster cooking time and extremely crispy skin which is the key to the successful chicken roast.

In order to cook the chicken using this method you need to spatchcock the bird ( butterfly it). Spatchcock is a specific kind of butterflying technique, for birds. It involves not only removing the backbone but also the keel/breast bone to flatten the chicken that ensures even and quicker cooking. I love roasting chicken this way.

 Chicken is pressed flat and this flatness is essential, since we want the heavy brick to make as much contact with the chicken as possible.

The result is out of this world, tender and juicy, fall apart in your mouth with every bite, extra flavorful chicken that is roasted to perfection. The meat is absolutely delicious and worth making it over again and again.

You can buy the clay bricks at HomeDepot and use heavy cast iron skillet for the bottom. You will need a couple of bricks to cover the entire chicken, and it’s best to wrap them in heavy-duty aluminum foil for easy cleanup.

Once you discover brick chicken you will never go back to roasting chicken using any other method. Follow the easy steps below to make irresistibly crispy brick chicken.