Chinese drunken chicken is a delicate appetizer, common among Shanghai cuisine,  that is eaten cold and consists of tender chicken meat that has been poached and then marinated in Shaoxing rice wine in the fridge. That is where the drunken part comes from, chicken being infused with some sort of  alcohol to amp up the flavors.

Stock that is created by  boiling chicken legs is packed with concentrated  gelatin. It is then  mixed with the wine and once cooled in the fridge  it solidifies into a delicate aspic.

Chicken pieces  come out  of the fridge  surrounded with jello like aspic that is the best part. It literally melts in your mouth instantly hugging the chicken with the delicious moisture. The aspics is flavored with chicken and wine and serves like a basting system once combined with chicken meat in your mouth.

Shaoxing wine is another defining feature of this dish.  It enriches the flavor of the subtle chicken meat  becoming the true essence of the dish together with flavorful aspic.

To create this heavenly chicken is actually very easy. I prefer using dark chicle meat, whole chicken legs to be exact. Dark meat is way more forgiving  when cooked and also skin and bones release more gelatin when boiled.

Traditionally drunken chicken is served cold. You can do so as is or pair it with warm noodles or fluffy rice for an amazing temperature contrast. Follow the steps below to make drunken chicken.