Chicken is my go to staple protein  and we grill them a lot living in Florida where the weather is warm all year long. Grilled chicken legs are perfect summer barbecue meal,  crispy, bursting with flavors from the rub chicken legs are juicy and tender, and oh so tasty.

Due to the more fat content in the legs than the breasts it is almost impossible to dry those out. But in order to get the chicken perfectly cooked, with charred and crispy skin while retaining the juice inside the chicken, you need a couple of helpful tips that are to follow below.

Crispy  chicken legs with beautiful charred marks in the outside and tender on the inside is good. Burnt on the outside and stringy and tough on the inside chicken is bad.

Chicken drumstick  should generally be grilled over medium heat on the grill. That would be a surface temperature of about 450 degrees and will take 30 to 35 minutes.

They will need to be turned over every 5 minutes or so to prevent burnt skin and to a final internal temperature of 180-185 which is best for drumsticks. Chicken drumsticks can hold heat way better than chicken breast and they are actually tastiest when cooked to a higher internal temperature.

The spice mix I very simple with just salt, pepper, garlic and a touch of cayenne pepper, let the delicious chicken taste shine through.

Chicken legs are so easy to make and they come out irresistibly moist on the inside with crispy, golden brown grilled to perfection skin on the outside and beautiful grilled marks every single time. Serve the chicken with an array of your favorite summer side dishes.

Follow the steps below for the best frilled chicken legs.