This pasta is full of fresh spring greens and a light white cheese is used as a dressing or sauce, which make it pretty light on calories and chock full of nutrients.

Spring is a great time when all the greens in the garden are at their prime. Picked fresh, they contain a large number of vital nutrients and vitamins. To say nothing of the intense flavor they offer.

This pasta is cooked with baby leaks, flat beans, green onions and asparagus tips, combined with fresh soft white cheese. Practically any pasta can be cooked this way, so just pick your favorite kind. 

Check the back of your pasta bag carefully for boiling instructions and make sure you don’t overcook the pasta. If there are timings for al dente boiling, use those. The pasta will still absorb more moisture from the sauce and cheese, so don’t worry, it will be soft enough without being mushy.

This recipe calls for asparagus tips, flat beans, leaks, green peas and various herbs as filling. I usually use fresh basil, parsley, a bit of mint. You can also add baby spinach, kress, string beans. A bit of sun dried tomatoes tossed into the mix will add a lovely touch of flavor and color. 

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook this lovely spring pasta. I hope you enjoy this recipe!