This delicious recipe is another creative way to enjoy chicken breast. The recipe from the Hellmans mayonnaise jar is tweaked and enhanced to create this irresistibly crunchy, savory crispy onion parmesan encrusted chicken breast.

It is very easy and quick to make as well in a short 30 minutes. This recipe is Hellmans Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe that has been slightly modified with a few tasty additions.

I amped up the flavors and the texture with dijon mustard and crushed French fried onions from the can. Onions add amazing crunch to the outside of the chicken and lots of umami flavor while dijon mustard brings in some needed tang and zing to the delicately tasting chicken.

To make the chicken is a breeze, pound the breasts to achieve a uniform thickness for an even cooking. Spread dijon mustard on top of the seasoned chicken. Mayo is combined with parmesan cheese to create a melty, creamy topping for the chicken. While crushed fried onions and bread crumbs create a wonderful crispy and crunchy crust.

Chicken is baked to perfection and is moist and tender with lots of flavor.

This recipe is a piece of cake and even the novice cooks will have a lot of success making it. Serve parmesan chicken with your favorite sides for a complete meal. Follow the steps below to make famous Hellmans parmesan chicken.