I am completely addicted to the convenience of the instant pot. It is such a time saver during hectic work week. This recipe for the instant pot spaghetti sauce is amazing. The sauce is delicious and aromatic, it tastes like you have spent hours in the kitchen slowly simmering it.

The secret ingredient is Italian sausage. This pork sausage is flavored with fragrant Italian seasonings like sweet basil and fennel. It really adds depth of flavor and richness to the sauce compared to just ground beef. It is the best choice of meat to use for the sauce made in the instant pot. You can have the maximum amount of flavor in the minimum amount of time. You can use mild or hot if you are a fan of a little spicy kick. This sauce will rival a fancy meal at the 5-star Italian restaurant for sure, without the pricey bill. It is that good.

The hardest part will be not to devour the whole batch of sauce right away that’s how delicious it is and leave some for later. The sauce freezes beautifully for a quick dinner during a week.

Combining all the classic Italian flavors like sausage, tomato sauce and paste, and fresh or canned tomatoes this sauce is flavored with an array of fragrant herbs. Basil, fennel, oregano, parsley and thyme all lend their wonderful aromas to the sauce. The house will be smelling taunting while the sauce is cooking.

This recipe is super easy and quick. Just a few simple steps and you have a luxurious, rich sauce with the pieces of sausage that are so tender and soft they almost melt in your mouth. Serve the sauce over you favorite pasta like spaghetti for a comforting, satisfying meal. The sauce coats every strand of spaghetti creating a truly phenomenal meal. And made in a breezy time suited for a busy person. Just under an hour you can have homemade from scratch, stellar spaghetti meat sauce on your plate. You can’t beat that. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese for a savory, creamy touch and garnish with fresh basil when serving.