The idea of making both sauce and spaghetti in one pot is simply brilliant. The sauce is made from scratch in the pot and then the spaghetti is added and cooked in it instead of water. Not only there is no pile of dirty dishes to clean up afterwards, the spaghetti turns out extra flavorful. That is a nice shortcut and a clever way to cook pasta, saving us an unnecessary step of boiling it in a separate dish. It also means way more tasty noodles. Pasta will absorb the sauce, and will get infused with all the aromatics and spices that we are using. It is a win win situation.

The process of making the sauce is pretty basic and very easy. Combining all the traditional ingredients like lean ground beef, onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes and basil. Start with caramelizing the ground beef, garlic and onions. Once fragrant start building the flavors of the sauce by adding tomatoes and aromatic herbs, simmer for a little bit and as a last step add spaghetti with a little water for them to soak in. If not using extra lean ground beef make sure to drain the grease.

This one pot spaghetti recipe is a no brainer meal. The ultimate comfort food so loved by many and made in a breezy time all in one pot. Spaghetti and meat sauce are basically match made in heaven. Starchy, delicately flavored pasta is a great carrier for the robust, beefy, rich flavors of the meat sauce. This is truly an unbeatable combination. And a great complete meal perfectly suited for a busy week night. This dish is a huge hit with kids. And the simplicity of it keeps mama happy as well. Just under 35 minutes you have a delicious, satisfying meal on your plate. Serve with a light Italian salad as a starter for a wonderful package.