Lemon chicken breasts, served over creamy garlic angel hair pasta is a great dinner option, loved equally by kids and grown ups.

This dish is simple to make and is a wholesome homemade dinner, full of flavor. Serve it with a side dish of a simple tossed green salad, and you’ll have a dinner combo that is both nutritious and filling.

For this dish, we fry or grill chicken breasts and toss the pasta with a delicious garlic, wine and lemon juice dressing. If you prefer not to use wine for cooking, you can easily substitute it with a bit of chicken broth.

Make sure you cook the pasta according to the box instructions, al dente. IF you overdo it, it will be too mushy. Fry the chicken until its juices run clear.

I usually toss the pasta with chopped parsley, but I also love serving it with fresh basil instead of parsley, it really does add unique flavor. You can also add a bit of heavy cream to the garlic mix, but make sure you add it as the last ingredient and do not let it boil or it will separate or curdle.

Other than that, just follow the simple instructions below. I hope you have fun with this recipe!