Summer is a perfect time to grill. But honestly living in Florida when it is summer year long pretty much, we grill all the time. That is why I love these quick and easy grilled chicken sandwiches. The best part I make my husband grill them so I do not even have to do anything.

Chicken breast is marinated in a simple sauce to amp up the flavors and then grilled. The result is juicy, beautifully charred chicken breast with appetizing grilled marks that is tender and flavorful. I cut the chicken breasts in half lengthwise to ensure even cooking and to speed up the grilling process. 

The chicken is delicious with mouthwatering grilled aroma and flavor. Serve it on your favorite hamburger roll or any sandwich bread of your choice for a healthy and filling meal.

I also compliment this scrumptious sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo but you can pair it with any of your favorite accompaniments, condiments and sauces. Coat chicken in buffalo sauce for irresistible grilled buffalo chicken sandwich. Or melt cheese like Swiss, cheddar or provolone for chicken and cheese combo.

The sandwiches are so easy and so tasty you will never have to resort to fast food with this simple recipe. Follow the simple steps below to create irresistible chicken sandwiches.