Chicken burgers are great alternative to a regular beef patty. They are healthier, less calories and fat, and you do not even need to fire up the grill to make them. They are easily pan fried  and then topped with cheese to melt. Pile the toppings  of your choice mile high and you have one delicious, wholesome burger that will not make you worry about the scale.

Chicken burgers are made with seasoned, crispy chicken breast filets. The breasts  are  halved to make the chicken  pieces thinner and more even.  Chicken is first dredged in flour and spices and then fried until beautiful golden brown and crispy.

Seasoning the chicken really amps up the flavors, since chicken breast doesn’t have nearly the same amount of fat as a beef burger, hence less taste and flavor. But this is easily fixable with some garlic and onion powders, paprika and thyme.

Cheese is then added on top of chicken pieces to melt. I use Swiss because of it’s perfect melting qualities, but you can use whatever suits your personal palette.  The variations for the chicken burger toppings are unlimited. I like to sauté onions and also add avocados to mine, together with lettuce and tomatoes. I like to keep them healthy and wholesome.

Sautéed mushrooms and peppers, bacon strips, different types of cheese, greens and sprouts are all great additions to the healthy chicken burgers. You can use any of your favorite condiments like ketchup, mayo and mustard as well. Follow the simple steps for the best chicken burgers.