When tomatoes are in season, and ripe, aromatic bunches of all kinds of tomatoes are sold at every corner where I live, I cook them almost every day. This linguine pasta, cooked with shrimp, tomatoes sauteed in a bit of white wine, a bunch of traditional Italian pasta herbs and a dash of Cajun dressing brings out the best in tomatoes.

This light and delicious pasta meal is as easy and quick to cook as it is delicious to eat. It can be cooked with diced tomatoes, as the recipe calls, but I also love using fresh tomatoes for it.

I sometimes use cherry tomatoes and sometimes a combo of several kinds. Large meaty tomatoes make a lot of sauce and the cherry tomatoes provide the delicious bits for this sauce.

I think that the best way to cook shrimp for this pasta is always cook it separately. You can either fry it in a separate skillet or bake it tossed with a bit of Cajun seasoning and olive oil. The purpose for this is not to overcook shrimp, which may be the case when you cook it with the sauce, and for the shrimp to have a lovely crisp. This really adds to the pasta texture and flavor.

Other than that, just follow the simple steps below. Don’t forget to use the instructions on your pasta box when you boil the pasta. This is important because if you overcook your pasta, it will get mushy. Enjoy!