This delicious lumpia sauce is basically a sweet chili sauce that is traditionally served with lumpia, or Philippino savory spring rolls. If you are a fan of asian food you probably have come across sweet chili sauce before. It is a little sweet, also tangy, garlicky and spicy with a thick texture that makes it perfect for dipping. Extremely versatile and works with many other foods.

Everyone in my family is obsessed with this sauce. It is a regular on our table and is served with everything from chicken to shrimp to spring rolls. The dominant flavor is that of chili peppers since the chili paste creates the flavorful base of the sauce.

The sweet and sour  undertones of the sauce come from simple sugar and white vinegar. There is also plenty of garlic flavor from the whole cloves that are being boiled together with the rest of the ingredients. Bold but nothing overpowering. So most of the ingredients are pretty standard for the sweet chili sauce.

But I was really looking for that depth of color in the sauce and – carrot to the rescue. Yes this is my not so secret ingredient that distinguish this sauce from all the rest. I shred it into tiniest little pieces using microphone grater for an added color and added sweetness. But no worries the sauce doesn’t taste or look like there is vegetables in it. Seriously nobody would know unless you tell them.

Once you make this sauce you will never be able to go back to the store bough one guaranteed.