Spice up your chicken dinner routine with the burst of tropical flavors that this mango chicken recipe has to offer. Tender, perfectly seared chunks of chicken are paired with colorful bell peppers, ripe, exotic mangoes and sweet and savory sauce.

This unique chicken dish is delicious and nutritious. Very pretty and bright and looks so appetizing on the plate. Chicken has a subtle flavor and taste. It pairs wonderfully with tropical mango fruit and bell peppers and bold flavors of the made from scratch sauce.

I love the timeless sweet and savory combination of chicken and mango and also flavors of the sauce. To make the dish is a breeze. Start by browning the chicken in batches, avoid overcrowding the pan so the chicken sears instead of steaming. Then add aromatics like peppers, ginger and garlic to build up the flavors, mix the sauce ingredients and pour it over the chicken and veggies.

Mango cooks really fast so I always add it last so it doesn’t become mushy. The best mango for the dish is ripe but still firm. This dish is healthy and nourishing. Loaded with wholesome fruit and vegetables it makes a complete meal when served over white rice.

I made it, many times for my friends and family and only had positive reviews. It is a great summer dish, light with lots of freshness from the mango. Follow the steps below to make mango chicken recipe.