There is always the argument about the true origins of pizza. It is hard to trace an uncertain history of pizza. But many agree that pizza Margherita or Neapolitan pizza as it is called in Naples might be the one, the original pizza. It is made with fresh tomatoes or marinara sauce, mozzarella and basil to represent the Italian flag. It also must be round, made of soft yet elastic dough, thin in the center and with thick and soft crust around the edge.

The pizza is about the simplicity and it is essential to use the freshest, high quality ingredients and homemade pizza dough. This classic pizza is really all about the best tasting ingredients and getting maximum flavor from minimal amounts of them.

Making the dough for the pizza is a separate form of art and truly a labour of love. There are a few steps involved like creating the dough, fermenting it and then spreading it by hand.

You must obtain a smooth and elastic dough by adjusting flour, water and oil content. It also has to be worked vigorously so to is a good idea to mix it in a food processor or pasta maker. It is also important to raise the dough until it doubles in size in a warm place.

Traditionally original pizza is made in a wood fired oven. But of you cook it at home do so in a very hot 475 F oven or higher if permitted to mimic the authentic wood-fired oven. Cooking on pizza stone that has been preheated is recommended. Follow these detailed instructions for the best results.