Satisfy your fried chicken cravings without having to leave the house. This KFC staple is even better than the one in the fast food chain. Popcorn chicken is just like the name implies a popcorn of the chicken world. Absolutely addicting, it is impossible to stop eating it. Bite sized pieces of chicken are coated in flavorful rub and then fried. I cannot get enough of the loud crunch when you bite into the popcorn chicken.

It is juicy and tender on the inside and crispy, fried to perfection on the outside. And absolutely full of flavor thanks to the special spice mix. Chicken is first marinated in a mixture of ginger-garlic powder, oregano and chili powder to achieve multidimensional flavor. It is then dipped in and unbeatable combination of buttermilk and light and airy Panko breadcrumbs and fried.

Then the magic happens, it is coated in the special spice mix that pushes the fried chicken over the edge. These mouthfuls of chicken are finger licking good, better then KFC, and way healthier made from scratch at home. No more boring, plain, fried chicken this one is plentiful tasty and abundant in flavor.

Serve the popcorn chicken with your favorite dipping sauces and thoroughly enjoy. It makes amazing appetizer that everyone is going to be raving about or a delicious snack to munch on while watching your favorite Netflix shows on the couch.