Pumpkin is a peculiar vegetable. It’s especially good when you make something with pumpkin flavor. And it’s one of the few veggies that is suitable for dessert. So, if you want your dessert to be low on sugar and count as a veggie serving, use pumpkin.

These vegetarian pumpkin pancakes made with whole grain flour are ideal healthy breakfast. They will give you enough fiber and fill you up, boosting your energy for the day. Not to mention they are fluffy and taste delicious.

You can take canned pumpkin puree that is usually used for pumpkin pie, or make your own. I love making my own when it’s pumpkin season. I usually either bake half a pumpkin in the oven or sautee some pumpkin cut in cubes with water and spices.

If you need this recipe to be completely vegan, there’s an option of not using the egg and milk and adding a little more vegan butter or coconut oil and any kind of vegan milk, such as soy milk.

Maple syrup or honey are optional flavoring. I myself prefer maple syrup.

You can serve these pancakes for breakfast in the morning, add fresh berries or fruit, whipped cream or any other favorite pancake topping. I personally adore their fluffy texture and bright orange coloring.

Have fun with this recipe!