Living here in sunny Florida we are so lucky to have all the variety of fresh seafood readily available year round. I love it all but little rock shrimp have a special place in my heart. These succulent crustaceans are absolutely delicious and can be cooked many different ways. This recipe is for rock shrimp sautéed in lemon garlic butter sauce.

Rock shrimp got its name from the rock-like hardness of its shell and when you taste it and can easily be mistaken for a miniature lobster tail because it is much sweeter then the regular shrimp and the texture is very similar to the lobster as well.

Rock shrimp usually comes peeled because you need special equipment to remove the hard outer shell. And they are generally smaller than regular pink gulf shrimp. That is why sautéing them is my preferred method, since you can quickly grab them of the pan in order not to overcook.

The recipe for the sautéed shrimp with lemon, garlic butter sauce is all done in one pan. Very easy and convenient. Cook shrimp in butter and garlic, stay away from overcrowding the pan, and cook in batches if needed. Remove the shrimp and create the sauce by combining more butter, lemon juice and broth and simmering to thicken. Serve immediately.

This recipe is absolutely foolproof. Sautéed rock shrimp makes a delightful appetizer or serve it over a bed of your favorite rice or pasta.