This smothered chicken is an ultimate comfort food with Southern cooking inspired flavors written all over it. Chicken dredged in cajun spices and flour, fried and then just like the name implies smothered in a delicious gravy.

Smothering meat is a cooking technique used in both Cajun and Creole cuisines of Louisiana. The technique involves cooking in a covered pan over low heat with a moderate amount of liquid, and can be regarded as a form of stove-top braising.

The result of this easy southern cooking method is a tender, juicy, melt in your mouth chicken and savory, silky smooth, chicken gravy. It is heavenly when served over rice or mashed potatoes. I pour this gravy over everything, I even dip the bread in it, it is so good.

Seasoned chicken is first fried in a pan, we are then using the same pan to create the gravy. All the golden brown bits and pieces from the chicken are the flavorful base for the sauce aiding in a more complex, deep and rich flavors. Aromatics like onion, garlic and thyme elevate the taste of the sauce even more. Milk , broth and roux create velvety, perfect consistency light gravy that is used to braise the chicken.

The dominant flavor of the dish is savory and herby. It is an easy weeknight meal but is elegant and unique enough to serve at a fancy dinner party. Follow simple steps below to create this southern cuisine delight.