Sauces are always a great way to jazz up the sandwiches, salads or any other dishes that lack in flavor. I like going to subway and get their sandwiches and always ask to add the southwestern chipotle sauce to them. But I also enjoy eating sandwiches at home so I really needed to recreate their delicious sauce recipe. And it came out even better then subway.

The sauce has it all, spice, flavor, freshness, tang and acidity and a great compliment to many dishes. After experimenting with different ingredients I found out that the combination of mayonnaise and plain greek yogurt works the best. That is the base for the sauce.

Yogurt really adds a bit of freshness and tangy flavor to the dressing which is delicious. Chipotle Chile in adobo sauce brings in the peppery note and a southwestern flare, with fresh cilantro spicing it up even further. Cumin and dill pack in even more taste into this jar of delicious sauce.

To create the sauce will only take a few simple ingredients and a few minutes. No cooking involved, simply puree all of the ingredients in the blender, then pour into the jar and enjoy. The sauce is wonderful on sandwiches but is also a great dipping sauce, salad dressing and you can use in place of the mayo in southwestern dishes like chicken salad.