Some of my fave recipes ever are those which take a familiar dish and add a twist, like making it in new shape, adding an unexpected ingredient or using some other element of fusion cooking.

This taco pasta salad is just that. We’re all used to tacos, but having a taco flavor in a pasta salad is something entirely different. Pasta provides an excellent solid and neutral base for the salad and the taco flavors really shine here.

I usually use Doritos, of either nacho or ranch flavor, to give the salad even more resemblance to tacos and also a lovely extra crunch. Also keep in mind that a crunchy type of green salad is best here, so I either use lettuce or iceberg. 

You can cook your ground beef in a regular skillet with a bit of water and oil, if your beef is really lean. Add up some spices and salt while you are cooking, because meat takes time to absorb flavors, so if you want it salty, add it beforehand.

Also make sure you cook pasta carefully according to the instructions on the back of the box for al dente. Pasta will absorb more liquid from the sauce and if you overcook it, it will be too mushy. Any type of small pasta like rotini, spirals, shells or penne will do.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Just follow the very simple steps below for a great taco pasta salad meal!