Spice up your dinner with this easy Mexican  baked chicken that is made with just a handful of basic ingredients. It is mouthwatering and bursting with enchilada flavors. The whole dish is inspired by chicken enchiladas but is way easier to make.

Chicken breast, cheese, tomatoes, green chiles, sour cream, and enchilada sauce are just a few basic ingredients that create this creamy, cheesy baked chicken. Everything is made in one baking dish as a bonus. There is minimal prep  before hand and clean up afterwards.

All of the ingredient work in a perfect harmony, and are complimenting to each other. The chicken is very tasty with a delicious sauce that is stellar. Chicken is first pounded to ensure even and faster cooking. The sauce is a combination of enchilada sauce, green chiles and tomatoes, and sour cream, all of the traditional, Mexican inspired flavors that really take the baked chicken over the edge.

I also top the chicken with fun garnishes like cilantro to add an unbeatable freshness and crunchy tortilla chips for a textural contrast before serving. This quick chicken dish is great with any of  your favorite sides.

This meal is simple but very flavorful and is perfect for any occasion be it a casual midweek dinner or a fancy date night. You can use store bought enchilada sauce or whip up homemade one of your have time on your hands. There is an amazing enchilada sauce recipe on this site.

Follow the steps below to make Mexican chicken bake with few ingredients.