Chicken livers are often overlooked in favor of chicken meat. We are used to seeing them in a form of pate, but with this foolproof frying method you will change your mind about this nutritious organ meat.

Frying is a perfect method of cooking chicken livers. Crunchy outside crust, created by the batter protects tender inside from overcooking, leaving chicken livers soft and juicy. The taste is like a mash up of a spicy nugget and pâté. Chicken livers are marinated in a mixture of eggs, hot sauce and mustard to get rid of that mineral taste quality and also infuse them with salt and acidity. 

And they are quick and easy to make, great for a quick midweek dinner and especially delicious with a side salad or smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce. This cooking technique is a simple algorithm of frying chicken liver for the best texture and taste.

Thoroughly wash the livers, separate the lobes and trim the visible bits of white connective tissue, as well as any hint of green discoloration. We are trying to achieve a medallion that is oyster-shaped. Those two bite sized medallions are left sitting in a flavored flour before frying for about 5 minutes until beautiful golden brown. The inside will taste like an elegant pate with this brilliant cooking method.

Follow the steps below for delicious fried chicken livers recipe.