This simple salmon pasta with green peas takes all of 20 minutes to whip up and is a healthy, light dinner for any occasion.

The salmon in this pasta is lightly sauteed in buttery stock and crème fraîche and the result is as tender and aromatic as it can be. Add green peas, shallots and onions to the mix, and you have it all: a healthy serving of veggies, fiber from pasta, lean protein and omega acids from salmon.

Salmon cooks very quickly, you’ll have it ready while your pasta boils. When it’s done, it will become pink and flakey and that’s when you knot to take it off the heat, because you don’t want to overdo your salmon. You can also easily substitute crème fraîche for low fat cream cheese.

Make sure you boil the pasta al dente according you the instructions on the back of the pasta box. It will still absorb some moisture from the sauce and you don’t want it overly mushy. For an extra healthy boost, I recommend using gluten free or whole grain pasta. Any small kind, such as spirals, shells, macaroni or bow ties will do.

Serve it with a fresh mint sprig and a dash of grated parmesan, and it’s absolutely perfect as a light dinner on a weekday. I hope you enjoy it!