Risotto is un ultimate comfort food for the Italians. It is absolutely phenomenal when you crave something carb comforting, creamy and cheesy, filling and satisfying. Risotto relies heavily on butter and cheese for the flavors but believe it or not it can easily be done vegan as well.

Creaminess of the risotto doesn’t come from cream or butter, it comes from a starch release form a special risotto rice while stirring. Starch that what gives this dish its luscious, creamy texture.

Because essentially risotto is just rice cooked in broth. So by substituting butter and parmesan cheese with vegan butter and vegan parmesan cheese we can create the same, insanely cozy and nourishing risotto without any dairy. It is so delicious you will never know it is vegan.

Leaks help building up the flavors with mushrooms adding rustic touch to every bite together with woodsy, earthy taste. Hearty mushroom are wonderful vegan topping for the risotto and meat alternative. This recipe is very simple with just a handful of ingredients and about 30 minutes of your time. With a few helpful tips even the beginner cooks can make the risotto without any issues.

Always use warmed vegetable broth so it doesn’t halt the cooking when added to the rice. Stir frequently as the rice cooks to prevent sticking and to release the starches form the rice. Cook the rice at a simmer instead of a boil so the rice can cook slowly and evenly. Cook until just “al dente” to avoid mushy risotto.