This zucchini pizza crust is a healthy spin on your traditional pizza crust. It is gluten, dairy and grain free. Amazing option for someone who is following a non traditional diet. The zucchini is combined with almond and coconut flours to create this wholesome, nutritious crust. It is rich in fiber and protein, low calorie and low carb.

I love pizza, and who doesn’t.

This zucchini pizza crust is a delicious but also healthy and light way to enjoy your favorite meal without feeling deprived.

I am not always up for a heavy, super filling pizza pie. This pizza is a great alternative to your classic flour pizza crust.

It will by no means substitute for a real deal of doughy, crispy pizza crust. It is more like a flatbread but still very tasty and packs a powerful nutrient punch. It is thin, semi-crisp, pleasantly bland in flavor and holds up to all the robust toppings wonderfully.

You can dress up your pizza with pretty much anything you like. Here is couple of ideas: top it with traditional tomato sauce, spinach, more zucchini and asparagus for a green bounty pizza. Sprinkle cheese and basil for a classic margarita pizza combination; add ham, olives, marinated artichokes and mushrooms for a quarto stagioni (four seasons) Italian pizza. Use mozzarella if that’s what you like. You can also add grated parmesan as additional topping or made mix of cheese, basil and olive oil and put it on your crust instead of all other toppings.
What I like most of all is to generously sprinkle chopped fresh or dried herbs, for example oregano, all over other chosen ingredients. It makes pizza really tangy – just think it over! Please pay attention to the quantity of pepper and salt in your filling

Nutritional yeast is an essential ingredient that we add to the crust. It has strong flavor that is little nutty, cheesy and creamy. Nutritional yeast is sometimes called a superfood because even a little of this high-protein, low-fat, nutrient-dense food provides a host of vitamins and minerals. We are using it to make this overall mild crust flavorful and delicious and to add a burst of umami to it. And it adds an appealing, yellow-orange color to zucchini pizza crust. It is also a perfect compliment to almond and coconut flours we are using as well.

This crust is pretty easy to make and just under 45 minutes you can have a delicious and good for you pizza crust that actually taste like real pizza! Enjoy!