Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables. I love everything about it. It is versatile, healthy and very cost conscious. Widely available year round and works great in so many recipes. This recipe will show you one more

You won’t run out of uses for zucchini. Mix it into soups, salads, or frittatas, serve it as a side dish with your meat dishes, or make “zucchini fries”, served with an onion dip as an appetizer. Want a healthy, no-grain and no-wheat pasta? Make zucchini “noodles” using a vegetable peeler – it will be as al dente as regular spaghetti. Baked zucchini could be the perfect replacement of bread and healthier of course.

Here is the great recipe of good salad which can be the addition to your pasta or to other noodles dishes

I make this greek zucchini salad all the time, all year long. It is a great accompaniment for your proteins like fish, frilled chicken, lamb or steak. It is also a great dish to bring to any barbecues or picnics. Very easy to make but is simply delicious. It is one of my favorite simple summer vegetable salads. Add fresh green onion or raw herbs such as parsley – here is the delicious dish with amasing italian flavor. Don’t forget to drop some lemon to olive oil

Combining all of your favorite Greek inspired ingredients like savory feta cheese, buttery olives and spicy fresh arugula.

I add thinly sliced red onion for a fun pop of color and a little extra bite. But if you don’t like there rawness of the onion you can soak it in a cold water for about 10 minutes after slicing or omit it all together.

We are going to be enjoying the zucchini in this salad raw. Raw zucchini are an excellent source of enzymes and can improve digestion. They are absolutely safe to be eaten raw. It is actually the healthiest way to enjoy zucchini. They have a pleasant fresh flavor with a delicately bland taste. They carry out the flavors of the other ingredients in the salad beautifully.

This salad is a powerhouse of flavors and nutrients! It is fresh, very appetizing and satisfying. Hope you enjoy it!