Do you know what is keto zucchini relish? Summer is a fruitful time with the abundance of fresh berries, vegetables and fruits. They are all at their best when in season. No one can resist the temptation of filling up a shopping basket or a cart to the brim with vibrant and colorful freshest vegetables. Besides it is necessary to eat vegetables such as zucchini or celery. This food needs no difficult prep.

So if you are out of ideas what to do with all the bounty of summer squashes and zucchinis you have picked up at the farmers market or grocery store, here is an amazing fun project for you: zucchini relish recipe.

Sweet and spicy zucchini relish is a phenomenal addition to your pickled goods! It is an extraordinary topping for anything from hotdogs, to hamburgers, to sandwiches. It works amazing in pasta and potato salads. It packs a powerful flavor punch, gives the dishes a nice kick and is a perfect compliment to many dishes. Despite the fact it is a mixture there is no need to make each ingredient chopped or shredded. Just mix them carefully, add sugar, salt, pepper, onion, nutmeg, vinegar or whatever spice you like for seasoning and that’s it. You can refrigerate each serving to make it highly saturated.

It is very easy to make as well. Just basic, simple ingredients and 30 minutes of your time. No extensive prep or chopping involved. You will have a wonderful condiment ready in no time and effort.

It is one of the best zucchini relish recipes.

Make a big batch and then eat all summer long. Surprise your friends with this delicious relish. I bring it everywhere. To summer barbecues and picnics, everyone loves adding it to the hotdogs. I even bring it as little thank you gifts if I get invited to somebody party. It is always a big hit.

Zucchini relish recipes are easy to learn.

I like a little bit of spice in my food here and there. That is why I add jalapeño pepper to this recipe. If you are not a big fan of heat or you would like to make this relish more kid friendly, you can absolutely omit the spicy peppers.

This relish is a colorful, appetizing and deliciously fun way to spice up ordinary dishes. I can’t imagine my sandwiches without it! Here is the recipe for this irresistible relish, I hope you enjoy it.