With summer rapidly approaching there will be a bounty of fresh seasonal vegetables readily available and perfectly in season. The abundance of summer squash and zucchini means lots of grilled veggies, minestrone soup and fresh salads recipes. Making easy healthy zucchini bread is another great option to add to your summer baking rotation. Among the ingredients of the loaves there could be your favorite flour or mixture of flours, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, oil, salt sugar powder and nuts which you could grate if you like their taste and water. The baking of it is easy and quick – you’ll get the perfect classic loaf for any of your food plans. It’s the best, I promise.

A lot of breakfast breads like zucchini bread are loaded with oil and butter and filled with sugar to the edges which makes them more of a splurge than a healthy choice. Not this healthy zucchini bread recipe. This bread is very healthy, filling and satisfying! You can snack on it all day long absolutely guilt-free. Enjoy this awesome recipe of completely delicious dawn russell zucchini bread.

This bread packs a powerful flavor punch thanks to vanilla extract, honey and cinnamon.

All of those fragrant ingredients add to the stellar taste of this irresistible offering. We are also using a combination of whole grain flour and regular flour to amp up the fiber in the bread.

As most of the veggies zucchini and squash are very healthy. You’ll surely be impressed with the nutritional bounty that zucchini offers. It is very low-calorie and high in fiber, and has no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals.The taste of cooked zucchini is pleasantly bland. It’s texture is soft but not mushy, with some floral notes and some sweetness to it, but nothing overpowering! It works great in the bread. A hint of cinnamon adds a wonderful aroma and it’s distinct sweet and savory taste the bread.

It is so easy to make as well. Just a few simple steps and basic ingredients and you have a wholesome loaf( or two) of zucchini bread on your plate. We will start by grating zucchini. No need to peel it! First of all the skin is pretty thin and soft and will be completely integrated into the bread by the end of the baking precess. Second, most of the zucchini’s vitamins are in the skin, so we definitely want to get those.

This bread is so delicious and easy, the hardest part will be waiting for it to be baked! enjoy!