Quiche might sound fancy and elegant but is actually very easy to make, versatile and practical dish. What a great and tasty way to give a new life to all those leftover fresh veggies and eggs that have been doomed, sitting in your fridge with no destination.

That is when I came up with this amazing zucchini quiche recipe. It was summer time and I had all that garden fresh zucchini that I needed to utilize. I rolled them into enchiladas, baked into zucchini bread, made relish and still had plenty left. I was also trying to eat healthy and low carb during  the bikini season. This crustless zucchini quiche recipe was an ideal choice.

Just simple wholesome ingredients like fresh zucchini, shallots, tomatoes, cheese, eggs and milk and you will have a phenomenal meal in no time. Sautéed zucchini and shallots will serve as the crust for the quiche.

By cooking them first, we will develop a depth of flavor from caramelization process and get rid of the excess moisture in the zucchini. Nobody enjoys a soggy quiche.

Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses turn this quiche into creamy, melty goodness that nobody can resist. I love the simple, Mediterranean inspired flavors. Sweet fragrant basil and ripe aromatic tomatoes. Truly un unbeatable combination.

This quiche can be served as a compliment to any of your favorite green salads. Cut it in wedges and serve as a light, fun appetizer for the party. You can also easily interchange the tomatoes  for spinach or any other vegetables that you like. Switch up the herbs to your preference  as well. Parsley and dill work great!