This recipe hails from Middle east where bean-based dishes are in great abundance. Some of the best bean soups, salads, pastes and other delicacies originate from Arabic and other eastern cultures. 

This bean pie is an unusual and delicious dessert. I bet you are having some doubts right at this moment, because can beans and dessert really be put into the same sentence? They can, and the result is pretty amazing.

Here, it’s all about the texture and flavor. The spices are similar to those used for a traditional pumpkin pie. It’s also best to use canned beans for this dish because they have the best texture and you won’t have to experiment trying to cook them to a proper state.

You’ll need a food processor to mix all the ingredients into a paste smooth enough. The ratios I give produce a pie that is pretty sweet, so if you don’t like your desserts to be overly sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar. 

You can use a store bought crust for this pie or make your own, especially if you have a proven trusted crust recipe. Adding a bit of lemon or lime zest and maybe grated ginger to the crust will boost the pie flavor greatly.

This pie is perfect to serve with tea or coffee, as a snack or even breakfast, because remember the hefty amount of protein the beans pack? Good for any meal. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Just follow the quick steps below.