Get transported to a beautiful French countryside with this chicken fricassee, the original French comfort food. It is a criss cross between a sauté and a stew where chicken is first browned to create a flavorful crust and then braised in its own juices, white wine, aromatics like garlic and onion and fragrant herbs. Cream is added at the end as a finishing touch.

This dish is rich and luxurious with delicious and indulgent sauce. Everything is done in one pan as well for an easy clean up.

This cozy and nourishing dish is guaranteed to bring comfort to your table. And the taste is phenomenal. We are using chicken thighs and legs that’s are extra flavorful and will really build up the flavors for the fricassee.

The dish is robust and extremely satisfying. I also love how versatile it is. Chicken fricassee means cut up chicken in French, so really it is up to you what you add to it, but wine and cream are always traditionally added. You can add all kinds of vegetables and mushrooms that can withstand longer cooking times if you want even more flavor.

This mouthwatering French masterpiece is suitable for any occasion be it a week night or a fancy dinner party. The flavor combinations are really a classic that everyone loves. You can serve this delicious dish over your favorite potatoes, pasta or rice, or with rustic country bread for dipping. Follow the simple steps below to create this chicken fricassee.