Amp up your average buffalo chicken wings and make these delicious smocked chicken wings instead. They are extra flavorful thanks to the smoking process and juicy on the inside, but also have the best ever crispy skin on the outside after we finish them off in a hot smoker or the oven. These chicken wings are always a huge hit at every gathering or a game night.

Smoking the wings first really elevates the flavors to the next level of deliciousness. All that tasty smoke flavor is to die for. And wings are perfect for smoking, due to a high fat content in the skin they are impossible to dry out and always come out great.

But how do you also get this extra delicious crispy skin without having to deep fry your wings in a ton of oil. That is when this foolproof technique comes in handy.


First you smoke the wings for about 30 minutes at 250F, then you will need to increase the heat to really crisp that skin. If you’re using a pellet smoker, you can simply turn up the temperature. If your smoker can’t jump up in temp quickly, simply move the wings to a preheated oven. Place the wings on an elevated cooking rack above a baking sheet to catch drippings and finish the wings off in the oven. Use a thermometer, wings are best at 175F internal temperature, instead of the usually recommended 165 degrees F for chicken.

Toss the wings in your favorite buffalo sauce or whichever suits your personal palette.