With a sea full of wonderful chicken recipes out there I am obsessed with this oven roasted chicken leg quarters recipe. Do you already know how to cook chicken leg quarters?They are definitely a powerhouse of flavors from the aromatic spice rub and different cooking methods. They are first seared in a pan and then roasted in the hot oven really deepening the flavors even more. Everyone know how to bake chicken leg quarters but there are a couple of secrets.

Chicken quarters are chicken drumsticks and thighs. They are bone in and skin on. Bones really help achieving best chicken flavor and the skin renders all the fat out during roasting turning into a crisp, caramelized, mouthwatering refection. It is definitely my favorite part of cooking chicken leg quarters. Delicious, crunchy chicken skin that is absolutely to die for.

Chicken quarters are always moist and juicy, fall apart in your mouth tender and I find they taste the best when they are cooked to about 180-190F. They hold heat way better than chicken breast. Due to a higher fat content and skin and bones being almost like insulators it is almost impossible to dry out chicken quarters. But if you cook chicken quarters in the oven a little bit longer they will be literally falling off the bone, the skin will be amazingly crispy but the meat will still be moist and juicy.

I also found that the rub works better if you use powdered spices rather then the big pieces of herbs. They tend to burn. Sautéing the chicken in butter rather than oil will give the quarters even more rich and complex flavor.  It is my secret of all chicken quarter recipes. Serve your beautiful, golden roasted chicken leg quarters with your favorite side dished or salad for an outstanding meal. Follow the steps below for this stellar chicken cooking method.

I like this one more than other chicken leg quarter recipes.