Roulade mean “rolled” in French and traditionally means chicken breast that is stuffed to the brim with delicious ingredients, rolled closed and baked. Chicken breast has generally very subtle and delicate taste and is a great carrier for other more dominant flavors like cheese, vegetables, bacon and ham. A lot of times it can benefit from infusion of other flavors that can really elevate your average chicken breast taste.

This recipe is phenomenal. Skinless, boneless chicken breast is stuffed with delicious concoction of spinach, ricotta cheese and mushrooms, rolled and wrapped close with strips of savory bacon. The flavor and texture combinations are stellar. The filling is smooth and creamy, the bacon is crispy and savory creating the perfect textural and taste contrast.

You can really let your imagination go wild with different stuffing options, but I really love this spinach version of the roulade.

And did I mention how gorgeous and appetizing the finished product looks on the plate? Fancy and elegant it is a fine dining restaurant worthy, but pretty easy to make and is suitable for many occasion, be it a casual dinner or a special date night.

Roulade cooking method is great when it comes to turning chicken breast into something magical and special. You can serve this beautiful dish with the scrumptious sides of potatoes and vegetables, or you can make a quick sauce to drizzle over the chicken. Anyway you serve it is always a delicious experience. Follow the steps below to make this French culinary delight.