Chicken Vesuvio is one of those American Italian recipes that was created by the immigrants during the 20th century. It originated in densely populated by Italian immigrants Chicago area and  is a hearty one pot chicken dish.

I am obsessed with a convenience of one pot meals. They are perfect for a hectic weeknight dinner and will feed a crowd. With minimal prep  beforehand and clean up afterwards one pot dishes are a complete meal that is so easy to put together.

This chicken Vesuvio is a flavorful pot filled with bone-in, ski-on chicken pieces, carb comforting potatoes, emerald peas and scrumptious garlic, herb, white wine sauce. Unbeatable combination of roasted to golden perfection chicken and flavorful potatoes, colorful peas and delicious sauce.

Roasting potatoes together with chicken is brilliant. Potatoes  get infused by the amazing flavors from the rendered fat from chicken skin. These are the best potatoes. That is why I think it is essential to use chicken with skin and bones in this classic dish. It just means way more flavor.

Chicken is first seared in a pan to brown the skin , then the potatoes are sautéed with aromatic garlic. White wine  and chicken stock are added together with butter to create the sauce. Chicken then goes back in a pot with peas and the dish is baked for all the flavors to blend together. The result is mouthwatering dish that everyone will love. Follow the steps below to make chicken Vesuvio recipe.