A great alternative to traditional meatloaf, this salmon loaf is easy to make, delicious and packed with nutrients. It’s made with canned salmon, so it won’t be as much a hit to your wallet as you might think initially.

This salmon meatloaf is much leaner than your regular meatloaf and abounds not only in flavor, but also in essential omega 3 oils and fatty acids. Seasoned with dill and onion, it’s absolutely delicious.

The prep and cooking process is pretty similar to making the regular meatloaf, except that canned salmon may have bones and you might want to pick those out by hand before you mix stuff for the loaf. Another thing is, salmon meat is very, very lean, and canned, it’s pretty dence. So using a bit of cream is a step you don’t really want to skip. And try not to overwork the mixture, if you don’t want your meatloaf to have all the lovely texture of a rubber sole.

If you feel really decadent, you can use regular baked salmon for this meatloaf, but I have to say, I don’t really see the difference and prefer canned stuff as it’s much cheaper.

Serve this loaf with steamed rice, baked or steamed veggies or a tossed green salad for a wholesome healthy meal.  Just follow the simple steps below and I hope you enjoy it!