Homemade sushi has been a topic I haven’t even tried to approach for a long time, because it seemed to me that it takes some kind of jedi or ninja level of cooking skills to pull. The truth is, that it does take this level of skills to make the sushi you’d only eat at a good sushi restaurant. There’s just too much fine tuning with the rice cooking and the fish cutting.

But with this recipe you can actually cook very passable homemade sushi. If you, like me, are an avid sushi lover, and need a sushi fix at least a couple of times a month, this is a great way to save you money.

You probably won’t be able to cook it like a chef, because it does take years of practice and tweaking your own methods, but you will be able to create sushi that are good to eat and you can absolutely stuff yourself with them for a fraction of the price you’d pay in a sushi bar.

The rule to homemade sushi if you’re not a sushi chef is this. Keep it simple. So, for this salmon sushi we will only have salmon and avocado as stuffing. The first important thing is to pick the right kinds of rice and nori paper. You can use sets that are sold at the stores or make sure you choose ‘sushi rice’. It’s also important to boil, prep and dress the rice correctly. You’ll need instructions for that. You can find them either in your set, on the back of the sushi rice pack or on the net.

It’s also important to pick salmon that is very fresh. I mean, VERY fresh. You’ll be eating raw fish, after all. If you don’t feel comfortable eating raw salmon, use smoked variety. 

Make sure you use a very sharp night for cutting and keep in mind that sushi doesn’t keep well, so serve and eat it right away and don’t leave any leftovers. 

I hope homemade sushi won’t be a foreign land to you as well!