With a magic of the air fryer prepare your favorite crispy chicken wings in a breezy time of 16 minutes without all the extra grease and calories. Air fryers work by using circulating hot air from the fan to cook food that would otherwise be submerged in oil, meaning they use about 80% less oil achieving almost the same browning results. 

I rarely make deep fried foods at home because of the health factor( they are loaded with unnecessary calories from all the oil) and the mess that frying creates by splattering hot oil all over. But since discovering air fryer fried foods are my best friends now. You get the same, deliciously crispy, satisfying results without the oil, it can not get better than that.

These wings are perfectly crispy, with flavorful, savory golden skin in the outside and tender and juicy meat on the inside cooked with very little oil.

With this amazing appliance you can enjoy your favorite fried dishes guilt free and to make them is fuss free. Simply rub chicken wings in fragrant herbs and spices and place in an air fryer. They cook 3 times faster then the traditional oven and no preheating necessary.

Arrange your chicken wings in a single layer in an air fryer for the best results, so that the circulating air can crisp up every bit of the wings. Serve crispy chicken wings with celery and carrots and your favorite dipping sauce for a quick appetizer everyone loves.

Follow the steps below to make chicken wings in an air fryer.