This delicious savory meat pie is something I’d imagine was served during Middle Ages or in some kind of a Game of Thrones setting. 

Thin, golden crust, aromatic meat mixed with potatoes and onions and a bit of broth. I’m salivating even as I’m writing this.

Meat pies are a long-standing tradition for many European cuisines, because they could be kept as leftovers for a long time without having to be kept in a cool place, because they are easily portable and because you can get a wholesome meal with just a piece of pie. Most meat pie recipes, especially those that are known from the ye good olde days, have the meat, the veggies and some kind of bread in them.

This pie is no exception. The stuffing is a combination of pork and beef, onions and potatoes and seasoning. The result is a delicious, filling and heart-warming pie that will make you want seconds. 

Of course, we aren’t in middle ages, so we can use quite a few modern amenities now to make life easier. For instance, we don’t have to make our own pie crusts, they are easily purchased in a grocery store. You can also use frozen ground meat and powdered seasonings so that you prep process will be very short and simple. 

If you want your pie crust to have a lovely golden brown ‘tan’, you can brush it with beaten egg. Other than that, just follow the simple steps below. I hope you enjoy this recipe!