I used to think that chocolate flavored desserts were a hard thing to make mainly because chocolate is such a tough ingredient to work with. How wrong I was!

This chocolate pudding pie is one of the best dessert options when it comes to the cost and effort spend and the result achieved. 

If someone told me I could make something so delicious with a pie crust and a pack of a Jell-o instant chocolate pudding, I’d laugh out loud. That was, until I actually tried making this pie. 

It really is that simple. A pie crust, a filling made within minutes from a pack and with a bit of cool whip is all it takes. And they even have ready made Oreo pie crusts! If you want something just a tad more complicated or you don’t have Oreo pie crusts where you are, you can use a bunch of oreo cookies. Just crush them, mix with melted butter and line your pie form with the mixture.

I really like how this is a no bake pie and you can make it with your kids and actually have them do most of the work. Perfect for some kitchen bonding time with the little ones. 

And you can also use Cool Whip in a creative way – mix it with half of the chocolate pudding and make your pie a double layer one. After the assembly, which is probably the simplest there is, it’s all about decoration. Leave it to the kids. Give them a pack of M&Ms or Reese’s pieces. Chocolate chips or shaving will also do fine, so will fresh berries and powdered sugar. I hope you enjoy both the making the the eating of this pie!