I am always searching for fun and unique kid friendly recipes. And this English muffin pizza is definitely a keeper. It is easy, quick and delicious and kids love these little four – bite size pizzas. They are great as a made- in- a-flash after school snacks or on the go lunch, to even a lazy dinner.

My mom used to make them for me and my siblings when I was little, and I make it for my daughter now. It is really a timeless recipe. All kids love pizza and those miniature English muffin ones are adorable and perfect for kids little hands. And the best part, they are absolutely effortless and fuss free to make.

The recipe is very versatile. You can choose the ingredients that fit your personal taste, white or whole grain muffins, whole milk or low fat mozzarella cheese, whatever tomato sauce that you prefer. The topping choices are unlimited as well whatever suits your kids palettes.

The key step to the best, flavorful and not soggy muffin pizzas – is to pre toast them in the oven first, before pilling up cheese and sauce. Start with sprinkling the separated muffins with olive oil and Italian seasonings, and then slightly toast in the oven. Then spread the tomato sauce and add a generous portion of cheese before throwing in any toppings of your choice. Pepperoni, sausage, ham, vegetables, mushrooms all work great. Bake for the second time and serve imminently.

Every kid will place a stamp of approval on this fun and comforting recipe.