This is a perfected recipe for a NY style pizza that is essentially a classic Neapolitan style pizza dough that is thin crust and the dough is stretched out by hand. It is then topped with just the right amount of pizza sauce in order not to make it soggy and a reasonable amount of cheese.

There are a lot of different components that go into creating the best pizza one of them making the dough from scratch. It is really an art form on its own. But with this recipe and a couple of helpful hints you have nothing to fear.

This type of pizza dough contains water, flour, salt, instant yeast, and olive oil and a little sugar to help with browning the pizza. After the dough is mixed we place it in the fridge to ferment and rise for anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

The result is very flavorful, crisp but mendable at the same time crust that is a perfect base for your favourite pizza sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and any of the toppings of your choice. The recipe is enough for 4 pizzas so the amount can be easily adjustable. If you only want to make 2 simply half the ingredients.

It is very important to use freshly shredded or ripped up by hand whole milk, full fat, low moisture mozzarella cheese and it should be applied sparingly to achieve the signature NY pizza look. I also choose high-quality all-purpose flour for the best, airy and light crust. Preheat your oven for about an hour and bake the pizza within 6-8 inches from the top of the oven using a pizza stone and use semolina or cornmeal to prevent it from sticking to the stone.
Follow the detailed instructions for this authentic NY style pizza below.